Set and good to go!

So this were the day that I got BlogEngine.Net up and running. I looked at the engine about a year ago, but skipped it again because I at that time just had setup my previous blog and couldn't over come to setup all the style and design again. I'm a programmer, not a designer :)

This week one of my colleages told me that he had downloaded the engine and said that it were so easy to setup and style. Today I had time to try it out and I most say that it is VERY easy to setup! I haven't even read any of te documentation or anything, just did what I guess were needed and it seems to work very well. 

So the setup was easy, but what about the style?

Pretty fast I found the "themes" folder and saw the site.master. If you have worked with ASP.NET before, no further instructions are needed here. All you need it in the "themes/template-name" folder. Couldn't be easier.

So right now I'm a happy developer with a brand new blog.