New theme on the blog

Some time ago I decided I wanted a new theme on my blog as I got tired of the old one. So, I started looking/searching for a nice theme for BlogEngine that I could use. After about 15 min. I had found ALL themes for BlogEngine on the web…very disappointed! I don’t know why, but there is very few themes for this blog engine out there. Why? I really don’t know, because it’s actually pretty easy to make them. Basically what I found was this: which have 4 links to sites that have some themes each. It’s NOTHING compared to Word Press.
As I got through the first 3 links on the link above I got more and more sad. Then I got to the 4. one This blog didn’t had a nice theme as a download, but it had a really nice looking theme on the blog it self. Through Twitter I contacted Janko Jovanovic which is the owner of the blog and creator of the theme. I asked which theme the theme were based on and he told me it were made by himself. Dammit, were my first thought :) I then asked if he would share the theme with me and he said that I could get inspired by it. So I did. :)


Making my own theme

So, I knew how my theme were basically going to look (it’s still not finished and will get even further away from Janko’s design as I figure out new stuff I want on my blog over time), now I just needed to figure out how to make a theme in BlogEngine. I found two links which is basically what you need to know to make a theme for BlogEngine. First a video by Al Nyveldt about how you create a theme and secondly the documentation of BlogEngine to figure out which snippets you need to insert to get the right stuff on your pages in the theme.

Besides the above links, I also looked a lot in the source of the “Standard” theme that ships with the BlogEngine source code.
After some hours I had a pretty cool theme, at least I think :)

Next step

The next step to improving my blog is to Search Engine Optimize it. I will use the IIS SEO Toolkit from Microsoft which ScottGu blogged about a few weeks ago. IIS Search Engine Optimization Toolkit.

As my blog is right now, as I’m writing here, the SEO kit tells me the following, which is what I have to work on now :)
Let’s see how many of these I can make go away, hopefully a lot. I’ll blog about the result later on.