Little Longhorn – Part 5 – Changed focus

As I mentioned on my last post, another developer (Allan Hansen) have joined the project. We have done a lot of work in getting a pretty solid foundation/engine to build the game on. Not that it’s “done”, far from, but we have something now that should save us time in the long run. This means that we have invested a lot of time in getting this done, without actually getting forward with the actual game play.

Now, after the project have been on hold for some time, we have started up again, this time with a changed focus. We will now focus more on getting implemented the different features of the game, instead of keep building on the foundation/engine (non visual stuff). This way we can see progress as the game play will evolve, both our self, but also when we show the game to others. This way we can start pretty soon to get feedback from people, even though the game is young.


Hopefully this will also helps us show it off to our girlfriends and maybe, just maybe, have them to say something positive about it. Usually, girlfriends don’t see the über in two red boxes colliding or a long talk about path following algorithms :)

Let’s see how it goes with this new change of focus. We started up this week and we already have implemented some nice stuff. Here is a screenshot of how the game currently looks. Keep in mind that all the graphics is just dummy sprites from various sources so we have something to test with as we develop.