BlogEngine.Net 1.6 released – Maybe focus on SEO in next release?

So today it happened, finally, the new version of BlogEngine has been released. It comes with some major Comment Spam Protection changes, multi widget support and more. This is all great and I really hope that this can beat these bad comment spam bots, which I guess we all hate.

I have just upgraded my blog to this latest release and the upgrade went pretty good without any real problems. So far so good, now I just have to wait and see if the spam protection is working as intended.


SEO in next release?

As I mentioned in a previous post I would like to get my blog 100 % (or at least close to) SEO (Search Engine Optimized) to help people find my blog through search engines. I guess we all want that, which is why I think SEO would be a great focus for the next release of BlogEngine.

ScottGu recently blogged about Microsoft’s new SEO Tool for IIS7 see the blog post here:

I know the BlogEngine theme can’t help people posting broken url’s, making bad themes etc. What they could do were to try and make the default theme (the Standard one) as close to 100% search engine optimized. I just tried setting my blog to use this Standard theme and then let the SEO Toolkit run over my blog. This is the result I got.

SEO Toolkit result

SEO Toolkit validation summary

As you can see, this isn’t very good. As mentioned, I have some broken links etc, that’s my own problem, but some of the major ones should be able to be fixed by the BlogEngine team. I don’t want to go through all the points that the BlogEngine team could do something about, I think they can see them self :)

I have considered just making changes to the source for my blog to make my blog be more SEO, but then at a second thought I don’t want to, as I then need to take over my changes to each new release of the BlogEngine and that would be a nightmare. Another reason for letting the official team put it into the engine is that we would all like to have this, right?

So, lets hope the BlogEngine team will look into this, I guess much of it would be pretty easy fixes. I have posted about this in the discussion at codeplex:

– Enjoy!

  • Kudos on this! Great idea, great tool. Also commented on the BE discussion thread.


  • Yeah I think we would all be happy with some SEO in :)