ExEn: XNA for iPhone, Android and Silverlight

Some days ago I discovered this very promising platform for game developers.

What is ExEn?
Currently ExEn is an implementation of a subset of the Microsoft XNA Framework API that runs on iPhone and Silverlight. It is based on XnaTouch and SilverSprite – but most of the important bits have been rewritten – most importantly the rendering, audio, input and timing systems.


If Andrew can actually do what he says, which I think and hope he can, this platform is a must-have for all game developers interesting in hitting as many platforms as possible, with as little code differences as possible.

Andrew is asking for 10.000$ in funding to make this platform ready for the public in form of an open source project.

Please take a look at his RocketHub.com site and fuel the project if you find it interesting – I know I am Smile