Dotfuscator–Resign assemblies manually?

I were just setting up some “tracking” on a Windows Phone 7 application, using PreEmptive Solutions Dotfuscator, when I got some odd problem. First I just setup all up as I use to and deployed to the WP7 emulator. Application started and shutdown right away. Hmm, I tried again and again, same thing happened. I then looked closer at the “Build Output” window in Dotfuscator and saw this at the bottom:

Warning: The strong named input assemblies (or assembly) {Assembly name and path here } were not resigned. You will need to sign these dotfuscated assemblies manually

I could figure out that the reason why I needed to resign it, were because dotfuscator have had a look on it – I therefore needed to figure out how to avoid it to do so.

It turns out that you can exclude assemblies inside dotfuscator, just go to the “Input” tab, expand your .xap file until you find the assembly that gives you problems, right click it and pick “Exclude assembly from Package”.

Just a little help if anybody else ends up with this problem Smile

– Enjoy!