I recently had to support HTTPS on my domain dognrapport.dk, as it is needed when you want to use Universal Links on iOS. I’m not going to go through how to setup Universal Links in the app, as many others have already wrong good articles about that. What I want to go through, is how […]

I really like Github a lot. I don’t have any awesome repositories or done a ton of work on there, but have contributed a little and really enjoy the whole Github Flow. I am, how ever, a regular visitor as I look into different repositories often and like the whole idea of open source just move […]

Back in january (2012) I read a blogpost by Scott Hanselman about getting involved in open-source. He wrote about a new “group” called Code52, which did a new coding project each week. It sounded interesting, so I looked into it. Ever since, I have been following along Code52’s projects via their Jabbr channel and on […]