I recently had to support HTTPS on my domain dognrapport.dk, as it is needed when you want to use Universal Links on iOS. I’m not going to go through how to setup Universal Links in the app, as many others have already wrong good articles about that. What I want to go through, is how […]

First, what it Memrace? Memrace is a small memory game, me and my brother, Mikkel, did in Unity3d back in the beginning of 2014. It has in the time of writing, been “on-hold” for some months, as we have both been busy with other projects. Our current version is v1.2 and is actually pretty fun […]

Some weeks ago I came by Jeff Webers (aka Farseer Games) small game “We Are Bugs“. I thought about if this game could be easially ported from browser Silverlight to a Windows Phone app in Silverlight. It turned out that it was VERY easy to do actually. Next up I wanted to challenge myself a little, so […]