I’m following the Code52 group and this weeks project is about writing an article/post about something that you have done recently. This is my “Show and Tell” post – and it’s going to be about “We Are Bugs – XNA”. I recently posted about this actually, but it was a fun little project to do, […]

I first heard of this little “framework/engine/template/starterkit”-thing some months ago – ScriptTD. ScriptTD is basically a template for a Tower Defense Game for Windows Phone, that you can change (pretty much actually) just by editing XML files.   The project is done in XNA and I have played around with it little now and it’s […]

(Warning: So this is one of these typically “I haven’t blog for a while” post. There is nothing developer related content or good juice in this post, so if you feel like skipping a post – this is it :)) So it’s been a while since I have blogged. Actually it’s been a while since […]

I were just setting up some “tracking” on a Windows Phone 7 application, using PreEmptive Solutions Dotfuscator, when I got some odd problem. First I just setup all up as I use to and deployed to the WP7 emulator. Application started and shutdown right away. Hmm, I tried again and again, same thing happened. I […]

In February we held another Silverlight GeekNight event in the Silverlight Developers in Denmark user group. Again this time there were a great dialog between the “geeks” and everybody were helping out each other with various problems and questions. [more] GeekNights are just the perfect place to try out new stuff. At the GeekNights you […]

Some days ago I discovered this very promising platform for game developers. “What is ExEn? Currently ExEn is an implementation of a subset of the Microsoft XNA Framework API that runs on iPhone and Silverlight. It is based on XnaTouch and SilverSprite – but most of the important bits have been rewritten – most importantly […]