In February we held another Silverlight GeekNight event in the Silverlight Developers in Denmark user group. Again this time there were a great dialog between the “geeks” and everybody were helping out each other with various problems and questions. [more] GeekNights are just the perfect place to try out new stuff. At the GeekNights you […]

Some days ago I discovered this very promising platform for game developers. “What is ExEn? Currently ExEn is an implementation of a subset of the Microsoft XNA Framework API that runs on iPhone and Silverlight. It is based on XnaTouch and SilverSprite – but most of the important bits have been rewritten – most importantly […]

Last night we hosted our first “GeekNight” in the “Silverlight Developers in Denmark” group. It turned out to be a big success. Well, I can’t talk for the others, but personally I think it was a big success and it seemed like the others at the event had the same experience as me. So what […]

Så blev det min tur til at hoste Microsofts julekalender I dag skal der kodes lidt Silverlight, men inden vi når til selve opgaven, så lad os da se på hvilken fin præmie der er på højkant. [more] OBS: Vinderen af denne låge står I bunden. Præmie ProMini Wireless Keyboard with Trackpad Ja, hvem ville […]