Embed your Github profile card

I really like Github a lot. I don’t have any awesome repositories or done a ton of work on there, but have contributed a little and really enjoy the whole Github Flow.
I am, how ever, a regular visitor as I look into different repositories often and like the whole idea of open source just move things forward so quickly as people share and work together.

Now that I write about it, it’s actually hard to explain what I like about it – I just do – and I would like to have more time to work on open source projects.

While I wait for that ( ;) ) I would like to share an awesome little tool I found the other day. It is a tiny project that lets you embed your Github profile or repository as a little “card”.

It very easy to use, for a profile card simply use this:

Read more about the project on Github


Update 15-04-2015:

It is now also possible to embed various things from Github in blogpost, simply by putting in a link to it in the post. It is created as a WordPress plugin, so it is very easy to install and use.