– a site for WP7 users in Denmark

I have been hooked in Windows Phone from the first time I saw it. I have a LG Optimus 7 now, which I bought for about a year ago. This phone has been my primary phone (only phone) for the last year – and I still like it :)

In the summer I started searching for a danish site about Windows Phone. Apparently there wasn’t any community/news site for Windows Phone users in Denmark.

So, I started it :)

In June I started a new danish community site –

Eventhough the site is relatively new and Windows Phone isn’t that know in Denmark these days, is seeing greatly increasing trafic week by week.  It’s amazing!

It’s always cool when people are liking what you do, and apparently 4-500 people like the site so much that they visit it everyday – so I’m happy.

Hopefully more people will join as Windows Phone gets more known in Denmark, as right now, it’s mostly the nerds knowing about it. :)

ScriptTD for Windows Phone

I first heard of this little “framework/engine/template/starterkit”-thing some months ago – ScriptTD.

ScriptTD is basically a template for a Tower Defense Game for Windows Phone, that you can change (pretty much actually) just by editing XML files.



The project is done in XNA and I have played around with it little now and it’s really great. It’s amazing how much you can change and how different you can make the game just by editing XML. ScriptTD is open source, so if you know XNA and want to make a Tower Defense Game, ScriptTD should be your starting point.

I just submittet a small game I made (with help from family members for sounds and graphics). The game is called “Frost Defense” and will be in the Marketplace in the coming weeks (I hope :) I’ll write about it when it’s ready to download).

So, if you want to make a Tower Defense Game for Windows Phone – you should take a look at ScriptTD at