Xamarin forms in anger samples

As developers we use to make stuff work and look “ok” UI-wise. The problem is that what we see as “ok”, is what normal people call ugly or some might even go so far to say it looks like s***!

In most cases I, as a developer, can quickly see that they have a point.

If we look at Xamarin.Forms for instance, many samples works ok and use the standard Xamarin.Forms controls as-is.
Again, it works, but looks boring as hell.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone took some “real world” UI’s (or at least something similar and good looking) and implemented them using Xamarin.Forms. All to show that Xamarin.Forms is capable of creating something that also looks good?

Well, that is what Adam over at www.syntaxismyui.com is doing in his “Xamarin.Forms In Anger” series.


I asked Adam to put these samples on Github too, which he have been so nice to do, so you can find them here for yourself. As they are on Github it also gives you the opportunity to help out Adam, if you find something that could be changed. Just remember to ask him if he would like that change, repo owners often don’t like surprise pull-requests.

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