Long time – no blogging

(Warning: So this is one of these typically “I haven’t blog for a while” post. There is nothing developer related content or good juice in this post, so if you feel like skipping a post – this is it :))

So it’s been a while since I have blogged. Actually it’s been a while since I have been active at my blog, at twitter or anything else on the internet – why you ask?

Well, I just bought house :)

So over the summer me and my family have been living in a temporarily apartment (as we sold our old one before we got our house). Then we got the house and have been working on fixing it up since then.

So right now I’m spending all of my “free time” working on the house…and not on my blog or twitter or coding for the matter.

Luckily it should be done more or less soon – so hopefully I will be back at my blog soon, or at least at twitter.

Make ASP.NET Label render as HTML Label tag

By default the <asp:Label /> control in ASP.NET render as a <span> HTMl tag. That can be kind of a problem if you have some CSS that only applies to an <label> tag. So, how do you make a <asp:label /> render as a <label> tag?

Actually it’s pretty easy. All you need to to is to set the “AssociatedControlID” on the <asp:Label /> to an associated text. The reason for this is that you usually use a label as the caption for a textbox, as it is the nature of the HTML <label> tag.


Plan bee wins 1st place in Windows Phone 7 competition

Back in February 2011, we submitted ‘plan bee’ to a Danish Windows Phone 7 competition organized by Microsoft. The results are here now…



As you might have guessed already, due to the not so discreet title of this post, we won 1st place in the Game category! Hooray!
You can see blog post here

We are very happy and have now been blessed with a Xbox 360, a Windows Phone 7 and a Kinect. (See proof below Smile)


Want to give the game a try – get it here: