Silverlight Fire Starter videos

"The Silverlight 1.0 Fire Starter is a one-day event providing developers and designers
information on the concept behind Silverlight as a technology, what tools are useful
in development and the knowledge in order to start building their own applications.

I have seen the "Getting started programming Silverlight" with Jesse Liberty, "Workflow of Silverlight…" with Arturo Toledo and the "Silverlight XAML" with Laurence Moroney. They are all great, especially the first two, and I will recommend all developers, interested in Silverlight, to see these videos.

Silverlight Fire starter 


Set and good to go!

So this were the day that I got BlogEngine.Net up and running. I looked at the engine about a year ago, but skipped it again because I at that time just had setup my previous blog and couldn't over come to setup all the style and design again. I'm a programmer, not a designer :)

This week one of my colleages told me that he had downloaded the engine and said that it were so easy to setup and style. Today I had time to try it out and I most say that it is VERY easy to setup! I haven't even read any of te documentation or anything, just did what I guess were needed and it seems to work very well. 

So the setup was easy, but what about the style?

Pretty fast I found the "themes" folder and saw the site.master. If you have worked with ASP.NET before, no further instructions are needed here. All you need it in the "themes/template-name" folder. Couldn't be easier.

So right now I'm a happy developer with a brand new blog.