Little Longhorn – Part 4 – A fresh start

It’s been awhile since I have posted anything about Little Longhorn, but this doesn’t mean that it’s put on hold. Actually the game is doing really well and we make a lot of progress. Let me give you the high lights.

Extra developer
We are now two developers on the game, which is really great as you can discuss things with another person who it 100% inside the code, just like my self. This is really great and makes the game come along even faster.

New code-base
As the new developer joined, we decided that we would start all over on the code, both so the new developer could be more into the new code, but also because I learned a lot doing the first version of the code. So it were time to start over and have a clean start, of cause with the knowledge of the first version in the back of my head.

Skipping the “Learning in public” 
As I said when I started this, “it might fail”, and it did :). Well, I can see now that the code very fast becomes too complex to describe to people en blog posts or in video’s, especially, when I don’t want to game to be all open-source. So as a result of this, I just skipped the “learning in public”-thing completely. The good thing about this, is that I can now use more time on actually coding on the game.
Instead I will give you smaller updates on the game, like this blog post.

Just wanted to let the people following this game have a little update on how it’s doing, and to sum it up, it’s doing fine – very fine!

– Enjoy!