My show and tell post

I’m following the Code52 group and this weeks project is about writing an article/post about something that you have done recently.
This is my “Show and Tell” post – and it’s going to be about “We Are Bugs – XNA”.

I recently posted about this actually, but it was a fun little project to do, so why not blog a little more about it.

We Are Bugs” is originally a small game created in Silverlight (for the browser) by Jeff Weber.

Here you see the browser version – you can play it here by the way.

So, I told that Jeff Weber created the game, which means I clearly didn’t – so what did I do?

I have known this little game since Jeff originally posted it, but had forgot about it. Some weeks ago I remembered it searched for it. I saw that the source could be found on Codeplex.
Since Jeff created the game Windows Phone have been born, so I thought – why not port this little game to run on the Windows Phone?

And so I did – in about 10 min.!


As this was a little too easy I put up a new challenge – let’s rewrite this Silverlight version to XNA.

And so I did – this took a little more than 10 min. Winking smile


Eventhough the two above screenshots look pretty much the same, the code underneath is very different.

My goal with this rewrite were to try and keep the XNA port as close as possible to the original Silverlight code, eventhough Silverlight and XNA works pretty differently.

Lucky for you I have put this whole beast on Github –

As you can see I have created some issues on this project, for minor things I didn’t had time to implement.
So in the spirit of social coding and open-source, I invite you to fork the code and fix/implement some of these issues.

– Enjoy