Little Longhorn – Part 8 – Full speed ahead

In my last post I stated that I would start blogging about the game every two weeks. This means that I should have been blogging yesterday. Sadly I didn’t had time, so here I am one day too late.

So, what have we been up to?


One of the bad things about forcing myself to blogging about the game every two weeks, is that there is a risk that we haven’t done much, which will result in lack of stuff to write about.
Lucky for me/you I always have something to tell about this game :)

Full speed ahead!

We have somehow come to the conclusion that we need to get this game done “soon”, or else we fear that we will never finish it. We have been working on this project for a long time now and it have been fun for sure. The problem is that we both (me and Allan Hansen) want to try out some other stuff, which we are kind of restricting our self from at the moment, to keep the focus on Little Longhorn.
As we have spend a good deal of time on this game already and actually are pretty far with it, it would be very sad to see it all just being waste of time.

We wouldn’t allow that, which is why we have decided to speed up things and try to give the game as much focus as we can, to get it ready for release.

We have basically done two things to try to archive this.
First, as an addition to our “14 days iteration” we have defined some Milestones. These have fixed dates and features that need be done. This will hopefully help us keep focus and staying on track  in this last period of time, to get the game done.
Secondly, we are starting up with two graphic guys (Mikkel Laumann and Thomas Jørgensen), who will start to work on the graphical assets for the game.

Hopefully this will result in a game that start to look and feel like the game we had in mind from the beginning.

So stay tuned as we are about to take off :)

– Enjoy!