Little Longhorn – Part 9 – Graphics is on it’s way

Another 14 days have gone and we are making progress. Maybe not as fast as we would like, but still – things are moving forward.

Read this post to get up to date with the development of the XNA/Silverlight game Little Longhorn.


One of the key things we have done since my last post is to get the design of the main character of the game finished. We now have a pretty good idea of how this little guy will look. Now we need to get him animated, which will be very interesting, as none of us have really tried that before. When I say us here, I’m really not talking about me, as I can’t draw anything, I’m talking about Mikkel Laumann and Thomas Jørgensen, which are doing the graphics for the game. So, the main character is more or less done, at least the design of him. Now the guys need to produce animations etc.

The graphics guys have started on some backgrounds now too, first a background for the main menu. It’s coming along really great. Next up, they need to look into some backgrounds for the levels.

Now you think, “ok, sounds great – show me!”. I would like to, but sadly we are not done enough to show things off just yet. But stay tuned, we will soon start to show more stuff as we have more and more of our own graphics implemented.

Well, that all for this blog post, stay tuned it will only get more excited from now one :)

– Enjoy!